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If you don't know us at this point and waddling around the networks since 2008, it's because we haven't done our job well, darling.  SHOWBITCH MAGAZINE emerged as one of the first gay content websites in Spain with the intention of treating with humor and sarcasm all issues related to showbiz: cinema, TV, series, music, celebrities, comics ... and hotties.

In short, those hotties were taking off more and more clothes and becoming more daring. We saw that they exceeded in visits to any other entry or article, so, as "the customer is the boss" and as the years went by and the interest in gossip, celebrity and the rest of the content was fading, we decided to let those cool horny girls will completely take over the Magazine.  

After the last design and "lifting" of the Magazine, seven years had already passed, but due to some unwanted technical problems that have put an end to our previous website and all its content, we embark on this new stage with great enthusiasm and the same bullshit, but above all with all those hot guys that make you enjoy so much.

Thanks Bitch!

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